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The corona virus has killed more than 4.9 million people in India, the report said

Washington / New Delhi: The Center for Global Development (CGDO) has revealed in its latest report that the total number of deaths due to coronavirus in India could be 4.9 million or more. That is more than 12 times the official figure.

Coronavirus death in India: The report was compiled by CGD, a global human development agency based in Washington, DC, in collaboration with a number of Indian journalists, NGOs, and medical experts. The count has been declared unreliable.


It should be noted that according to India’s own official statistics, the number of deaths due to coronavirus has crossed the figure of 414,000, which is the third-highest number after the United States and Brazil.


However, Indian doctors and medical experts have been fearing for the past several months that the actual death toll from the coronavirus in India could be many times higher.


He demanded that a medical audit of all human deaths in India from March 2020 to date be carried out so that the exact cause of these deaths could be ascertained.


It should be noted that in the month of May 2021 alone, official sources in India confirmed the death of 170,000 people from the coronavirus.

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Despite this, the Modi government has so far refused to conduct a medical audit, which has led to the CGD working separately and collecting data.


However, the report warns that these figures should be considered cautious and not finalized until they are duly verified by authoritative sources.


Experts compiling the report say they have also compared the death rate in India in general, ie, “non-epidemic” conditions, with the “additional death rate” observed during the Corona epidemic.


No other central government official, including the Indian health minister, has commented on the report.

The Modi government is facing severe criticism over the worst case of the Corona epidemic.


News agencies say that India’s corona vaccination program is suffering from severe mismanagement, which has reduced the number of daily vaccinations thereby less than half compared to last month.


The Modi government had last month launched the Corona Vaccination Campaign across India under which the highest dose of vaccine was given on June 21, 2021, which was gradually reduced to an average of 4 million daily in July 2021.

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