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Facebook Messenger Introduced “Soundmojis” (emojis with audio)

Facebook Messenger Introduced “Soundmojis” (emojis with audio)

Probably as a part of Facebook’s new romance with all things audio, you’ll now be ready to send emojis with sound or what they call Soundmojis for those times when an easy emoji won’t suffice. you’ll choose between among their growing library of those audio emojis and recipients will receive not just the particular emoji but the accompanying sound also. tons of individuals communicate with just emojis instead of words so this new addition will add another layer to how we “talk” on Messenger.


Facebook started rolling out the Soundmoji on World Emoji Day in fact. This new feature will help reinforce the expression that we already probably understand just from the emoji and for people who love audio to accompany visuals, this is often a fun new thanks to communicating. a number of the more popular Soundmojis you’ll choose between include clapping hands, crickets chirping, cry-laugh, etc. they need also included audio clips from popular culture including from shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Bridgerton and films like F9.

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To send a Soundmoji, tap on the smiley face icon during a Messenger conversation then tap on the loudspeaker icon. If you’re not seeing the icon yet, you almost certainly don’t have the feature yet. But if you are doing, tap thereon and you’ll see the library of Soundmojis to settle on from. you’ll preview the effect first before sending just to form sure it’s the proper one you mean to send. The recipient will receive an emoji but they’ll know it’s a Soundmoji due to the “soundwave” icon.

Facebook has been pushing audio content on the platform, bringing things like Live Audio Rooms and beta testing audio clips on users’ news feeds. This comes after the success of podcasts and apps like Clubhouse which proved that digital users now also are consuming audio content heavily because it takes up less bandwidth. It also can be consumed while doing other things like chores, browsing online, or maybe just resting on the couch.

Soundmojis seem to be rolling out globally although not everyone seems to be seeing the loudspeaker icon just yet. Update your Messenger to the newest version just to make certain.

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