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Kashmiris should be allowed to decide future European MPs

Kashmiris should be allowed to decide the future according to promises, European MPs

Sixteen members of the European Parliament have expressed concern over serious human rights violations in occupied Kashmir.

The 16 members of the European Parliament have written letters to European Commission President Rasla van der Leyen and Vice President Joseph Borrell drawing their attention to the worst human rights situation in the Occupied Territories. Part of the 2019 report.

The Indian-administered Valley has been locked out since its special status was abolished in 2019, with restrictions on movement, access to information, health, education, and freedom of expression, which have been exacerbated by Code 19.

Journalists and human rights defenders are targeted for speaking out in support of Kashmiris and condemning the situation. People are put in prisons, public gatherings are banned, and hundreds of people, including youngsters and members of parliament, are detained.

Unfortunately, in recent years, Indian governments have been misusing laws against Kashmiris to prevent terrorism and secession. Along with the humanitarian crisis, the Kashmir issue poses a serious threat to peace, stability, and security in South Asia, which could lead to fire between the two nuclear powers. We are concerned that any miscalculation could have dangerous consequences.

The fragile security situation there has worsened as locals are protesting against the revocation of the special status of Occupied Jammu and Kashmir and the contradictory Indian Citizenship Amendment Act, which has created unrest in the Valley, leading to Indian and Pakistani forces. Tensions have risen between the two countries.

The letter further said that Mr. President, as a champion of world human rights, the European Union must speak out against human rights violations in occupied Jammu and Kashmir. We believe that the European Union must create a conducive environment for the implementation of the commitments made by the international community to the Kashmiris and the UN resolutions while using all its resources for all possible cooperation with the Pakistani and Indian partners.

“As members of the European Parliament, we are committed to continuing our efforts with the parliaments of India and Pakistan, as well as with the Kashmiri leaders, to promote peace and dialogue in the region,” the letter said. It is very important to listen to the voices of Kashmiris, give them a chance to decide their future by acting on their wishes.

“As President and Vice-President, we urge the European Union to convey our deepest concern to the Government of India over the violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir, to end the worst,” he said. Immediate action should be taken, stability in the region, peaceful resolution of the issue as per the aspirations of Kashmiris, use of our relations for dialogue between Pakistan, India, and Kashmiris representatives.

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