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role of trees in our society

A tree also plays a role in reducing the heat of the city

The tree-planting campaign is going on all over the world including Pakistan. But in this context, there is news that even a tree in a city can reduce the temperature by setting up a ‘microclimate’ around it.

Washington, In the summer we park under the trees and choose the trees to protect ourselves from the sun. This is because the cool air from the shade of the trees and the steam coming out of them protect us from the heat. An interesting survey has been conducted in Washington DC in this regard.

Experts installed heat sensors on their cars and parked them under trees. Thus, data of more than 70,000 trees was taken on a hot day and night. It was then compared to areas where there were no trees. Experts were surprised to learn that when the sunset and the tree stopped emitting vapors, the tree was still cooling the surrounding area.

Scientists insist that tree planting has its own importance, but we must not forget the importance of a single tree because it plays an important role in reducing heat in densely populated areas. Therefore, tree planting has to be continued even in small areas of the city. We can call them small air conditioners.

The trees provide shade and prevent the sun’s rays from coming down and on the other hand, their cold sweat also keeps the sides cold. Even a tree can play a key role in keeping a few meters cold at night.

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