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Sohail shaheen Afghan Tailban file photo

Women will be able to work and get education with hijab in our government, Taliban

Kabul: (web desk) Afghan Taliban say women in our government will be allowed to study and go to work with hijab and will be able to participate in politics

In an interview with a foreign news agency, Afghan Taliban spokesman Sohail Shaheen said, “We do not want to establish a monopoly on power, but peace cannot be established in Afghanistan until a new government is formed, and for that, we have to go to Afghan President Ashraf Ghani.” Will be.

In response to a question, the Afghan Taliban spokesman said that in our new government, women will not only be allowed to study but will also be allowed to go to work as well as participate in politics, but they will have to wear the hijab.

Sohail Shaheen said the new government would not require a male leader to accompany women out of the house, and that Taliban commanders in the newly occupied districts were ordered to continue working in universities, schools, and bazaars as before. Include the participation of women and girls.

A spokesman for the Afghan Taliban said some Taliban commanders ignored the leadership’s orders against repressive and harsh behavior, which led to them being brought before a Taliban military tribunal where they were sentenced.

It is clear that the Taliban have taken control of dozens of districts in Afghanistan since the withdrawal of US troops and especially the evacuation of Bagraim airbase in the dark of night, while Afghan troops have escaped from several districts and hundreds of soldiers have fled to Tajikistan.

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